Can't get past "Failed to provide intermediate mappings"

I’m trying to build a mod for Minecraft, but gradle always returns an error, as follows:

C:\Users\USER\Downloads\zombify-main\zombify-main>.\gradlew build--scan
Picked up _JAVA_OPTIONS: -Xmx512M

> Configure project :
Fabric Loom: 1.2.7
Found existing cache lock file, rebuilding loom cache. This may have been caused by a failed or canceled build.

FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.

* What went wrong:
A problem occurred configuring root project 'zombify-main'.
> Failed to setup Minecraft, Failed to provide intermediate mappings

I don’t understand much, but would appreciate help with the problem.
All files that I’m using are found at GitHub - caoimhebyrne/zombify: Prevents villagers from dying when converting to zombie villagers on any difficulty

This is most probably not Gradle related.
Can you provide a build --scan, or at least --stacktrace output?
I guess this is coming from somwhere in Loom / GradleForge / Whatever and should be asked in a community about that.