Cant build Android on emulator as it throws Gradle Error message

Helo Team,

We’ve been trying to build our Android and it came up with an error message and this particular Gradle message

Execution failed for task ‘:app:installDebug’.

java.util.concurrent.exectionexception: Install_failed_version_downgrade

And it says to visit Gradle URL

What does it mean, as we are not mobile application development house. Please can you help ?

Hi Rama,
The Android Operating system does not allow downgrading versions of apps for security and compatibility reasons. You can either

  • Increase the versionCode of the APK that you are trying to install
  • Uninstall the existing version of the APK on the device.

Thanks Nelson

Being a non expert in Mobile development we may have found the root cause and just confirming things now internally.

There was a Google playstore warning around SDK that needs to be aligned with googles standard i.e. SDK 30 since Nov 1st. We just fixed it and not throwing anymore error now

Will post more if still an issue

Best Regards,

Rama Indrawan