Cannot use dependencyInsight report when resolution fails on a dependency version conflict


When I have a version conflict, I want to use ‘gradle dependencyInsight’ to figure out the cause of the problem. Unfortunately, while running ‘gradle dependencyInsight’, the build will fail, too, due to this version conflict.

This means that I first have to fix the conflict before I can use dependencyInsight. But, once the conflict is resolved, I do not need dependencyInsight anymore.

Proposal: Offer a way to inspect the cause for version conflicts without having to resolve the conflict first.

Regards, Etienne

Usually, a version conflict won’t cause the build to fail. (Instead, the conflict will be resolved automatically.) Are you talking about a case where ‘configuration.resolutionStrategy.failOnVersionConflict()’ is used?

Yes, you guessed right: we are using failOnVersionConflict(). Unless I comment it out, I cannot investigate what is the root of a version conflict.

I propose that there is a way to run dependencyInsight even if there are dependency problems (cmd line flag or…?).

I think this makes sense: I’ve raised GRADLE-3033 to track this.

Thanks, Daz.