Cannot apply both scoverage and play plugins

apply plugin: 'scoverage' apply plugin: "play"

failed with

Exception thrown while executing model rule: PlayTestPlugin#attachTestSuitesToCheckTask Cannot add rule PlayTestPlugin#attachTestSuitesToCheckTask > named(check) for model element 'tasks.check' at state Initialized as this element is already at state GraphClosed.
this is very similar to

tried the workaround with

task check {} apply plugin: 'scoverage' apply plugin: "play"

fter using the same work around, compileScoverageScala won’t use the any jars from dependecies that play pulls in.
Any help is appreciated.

I believe Gradle Inc. is working on fixing the applying java plugin problem.
But this problem seems a bit different. The fix probably more on the scoverage gradle plugin side.

The play plugin is using the new gradle configuration model for configuration. And from what I see, scoverage gradle plugin doesn’t. And it needs to support both the old configuration model and also understands the new model.