Can the dependencies in a configuration be ordered?

I have a plugin I created for wsdl2java. This plugin creates a configuration (ws) for executing wsdl2java, but also requires dependencies from the project in some cases. I attempted to extend the ws configuration from compile, but unfortunately creates other issues because of some class collisions in the ws configuration.

Is there anyway to place one or more dependencies at the top of the configuration’s file collection of dependencies?

Hi Kevin,

Do you just need the classes that are built by the project? Could you add sourceSets.main.output to the classpath for the wsd2java task?

The problem is that project A requires some source from project B in order to execute the wsdl2java task. Since some of the transitive dependencies in project B conflicted with the execution of wsdl2java, this caused a problem.

I originally thought that if I could force the order of the dependencies, I could prefer the transitive dependencies required by the task itself. However, I resolved the problem by declaring the dependency on project B as non-transitive for the purpose of the wsdl2java task’s configuration.

Great, glad you figured it out.