Can I reference to a included build that is in a directory

I try to execute a task from an included build:

tasks.register('run') {
    dependsOn gradle.includedBuild('fleetos-fahrzeug').task(':bootRun')

This works if the included build in in ./fleetos-fahrzeug.

However, I want the included build to be in ./submodules/fleetos-fahrzeug. However, when I try this with

dependsOn gradle.includedBuild('submodules/fleetos-fahrzeug').task(':bootRun')

I get the following error:

* What went wrong:
A problem occurred configuring root project 'fo'.
> Could not create task ':run'.
   > Included build 'submodules/fleetos-fahrzeug' not found in build 'fo'.

Is it possible to have an included build in a subdirectory?

Kind regards,