Can I prevent the creation of test configuration tasks?

(Marko Mrolt) #1

I have a multi-project build system and I am wondering if it is possible to prevent the creation of test tasks during the configuration phase? Not using/running any tests - would preventing the creation of test tasks in configuration phase speedup the build in any way?

Creating configuration testFlavor1Flavor2Flavor3Flavor4Compile.
Creating configuration testFlavor1Flavor2Flavor3Flavor4ReleaseApk.
Creating configuration testFlavor1Flavor2Flavor3Flavor4Provided.
Creating configuration testFlavor1Flavor2Flavor3Flavor4App.

(Alexander Volanis) #2

You could make the application of the plugin that creates the tasks conditional but task creation is a very efficient operation and got much better in later versions of Gradle so that is not a valid reason to go there.

Having tasks that perform expensive operations in configuration phase is bad task design and can be addressed on a case by case. That typically causes slow configuration which is bad if that configuration never results in a task execution that uses the configuration.

(Stefan Oehme) #3

@noway From the configuration names I see you are using the Android plugin. This plugin will get much more efficient in version 2.3. The Android team is already releasing 2.3-alpha versions.

(Marko Mrolt) #4

Thanks for information @st_oehme and @Alex_Vol. Judging from the comments I guess it is a bad idea. Will wait for newer version of gradle plugin.