Can I override the 'group' property from the command-line?

(jbisotti) #1

I’ve tried “” & “” but neither seems to work. My build.gradle looks similar to this:

… subprojects {

group = “”

task printProps << {

println “group: $”


… } …

(jbisotti) #2

I forgot to mention in my original post, but “” is what always gets printed.

(René Groeschke) #3

Hi, unfortunately overriding of plugin properties like group via cmd line properties as you tried it above is not yet supported. As a workaround you can define a custom property like “cmdGroup” and reassign it to the group property. have a look at the following snippet:

apply plugin:'java'
  group = ""
   //check if -P property is set on command line
 //& assign it to the group property
 group = cmdGroup
  task printProps << {
  println "group: $"

now you can set your group via command line by calling “


(jbisotti) #4

Rene, that did the trick. Thanks for the information and the work-around.