Can I disable the "standard Gradle lifecycle plugins"?

A software package that I need to use (opa-fmgui) uses gradle for the build process. Unfortunately, we do not have it in our repositories and building it from scratch is not an option.
However, I found a ZIP archive here: which looks like a read-to-use gradle!
I have never used gradle before (didn’t even know it existed), so I naively added it to my package’s SPEC-file and also added code to unzip and run gradle from the appropriatel location.
As a consequence, I keep running into problems:

  1. “Declaring custom ‘build’ task when using the standard Gradle lifecycle plugins is not allowed.”: I “solved” this by changing ‘default=“build”’ to ‘default=“assemble”’ in the build.xml file and also added “build.dependsOn assemble”, but then
  2. “Cannot add task ‘:build’ as a task with that name already exists” appeared.
    I am now thinking that, maybe, the ZIP file I use has too much already pre-configured and all I might need to do is disable these “standard Gradle lifecycle plugins”!?

I would think that I need to disable the “standard Gradle lifecycle plugins”, or do I?
Or does someone know opa-fmgui and knows how to incorporate the above mentioned gradle ZIP file?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Josef,

Could you point me to the exact project you are trying to build?

If it is, then you would need to download version 2.9 version of Gradle to follow their build instructions.

Also, you could make this even easier for them by submitting a pull request that adds the Gradle Wrapper to their source. Then you wouldn’t need Gradle locally at all to redo their build.

Hello William,

Thanks for the quick response, it saved my day.

Yes, you’re right, I’m trying write a SPEC file to build
I downloaded version 2.9 and removed the clumsy patches I made to work around the error messages. After some additional twiddling, the package finally builds.

As we have our own SPEC file, we would need to add the Gradle Wrapper to it, rather than Intel. Thanks for the hint.

Thanks again, I owe you something.