Can I access War properties when configuring a plugin using RuleSource?

I have a Rule based plugin and I’m trying to get properties of the War plugin from the convention but it’s not available in the general model space.

I want to create tasks conditionally on

  1. the war plugin being applied
  2. the WEB-INF dir contains some specific file “XYZ.xml”

In old style code I could have done something like

1. if (project.hasProperty('war')) { // do something }
2. project.convention.getPlugin(WarPluginConvention).webAppDir ... and then find a file

What’s the equivalent of this in the Rule based configuration model? Is the War plugin not setup yet to allow interactions with rule configured plugins? The closest I got was accessing the war task using a @Path(‘tasks.war’) kind of situation but I can’t find enough information from that task, also presumably the behavior is bad if the path doesn’t exist?

Ideally I would like to do something like

@Mutate createSomeWarBasedTask(.... params....) {
  if ( hasWarPlugin() ) {
    // do something

The war plugin is not yet based on rule based configuration, so this is not yet possible.