Can Gradle support ojdeploy?

Can Gradle support ojdeploy?

You can either use the corresponding Ant task, or invoke the command-line utility with an ‘Exec’ task.

Thanks! If I’ll invoke Exec for the ojdeploy command, will be it faster with Gradle? Is any benefits of using Gradle in this situation?

When I said “you can use the Ant task”, what I meant is that you can use the Ant task from a Gradle build script. I wouldn’t expect a noticeable speed difference between using the Ant task and invoking the command-line utility, but it depends on how the Ant task is implemented (which I don’t know).

Thank you for the answering my question.

My question is more tactical question… Yes, I know that there are several option. Which one I should to choice? Which way is more optimal for getting faster build, cleaner configuration and less time for conversion from current build to Gradle one.

I don’t have any experience with this particular tool, and it’s impossible to make a general statement about which mode of integration will be faster (if any). The Ant task has the potential advantage that you don’t have to install/locate an external tool. Also, if you are already using the Ant task (from Ant), you already know how it needs to be configured. That’s why I’d generally try the Ant task first.