Caching of slow / flapping file system repositories

Continuing the discussion from Custom ivy resolver deprecation in gradle 2.x?:

@daz are there any news to this except that it was refactored out into its own design doc at We’re still hung at 1.12. :frowning:

I don’t think there’s any news on this front. We’re not currently working on this, and I’m not aware of any plans to start soon.

One thing that has changed in the past 6 months: we’ve been putting a lot more effort into working with external contributors and stewarding pull requests into Gradle. So if you’re interested in pushing this forward, you might want to take that route. :smile:

Would not be my first contriubtion to Gradle, I got some PRs in already even before the last 6 months. :wink:
But if I would do one for this topic I’d probably just do it the easy way and not how it is described in :smiley: