Caching build outputs with a remote http build cache

Am I understanding this doc correctly in that the gradle implementation of HttpBuildCache does not support caching build outputs?

Using a different build cache backend to store build outputs (which is not covered by the built-in support for connecting to an HTTP backend) requires implementing your own logic for connecting to your custom build cache backend. To this end, custom build cache types can be registered via BuildCacheConfiguration.registerBuildCacheService(java.lang.Class, java.lang.Class).

Has anyone had success implementing this themselves? I’m having trouble finding details on how to go about doing it

Hi Jake,

the Gradle implementation of HttpBuildCache supports caching build outputs. If you want to use a different backend (like S3, or anything else which does not support a simple http protocol), then you need to implement your own client.

Can you maybe suggest how to make this section of the documentation better?


thank you for your response, and thank you for your work on gradle! that explanation does make more sense. Maybe you could say something like “using methods which are not covered by” instead of “which is not covered by”?