Buildship import livelocks if subproject names clash in Eclipse

Gradle Version: 2.12, 2.14
Operating System: Windows 7
No regression that I know of.

Example project:

The project import in Eclipse will livelock if two subprojects in a multi-project build have configured the same Eclipse project name via While this is obviously a user error, it would be nice to have a proper error message. This happened to us in a rather large build.gradle which we copied from another project and forgot to change the Eclipse project name.

Thanks for the report, which Buildship version are you using?

Oh, just noticed I’m still on 1.0.16 due to Eclipse Mars SR2 refusing to update.

That’s a very interesting case. The de-duplication algorithm in 2.14 live-locks when it cannot find a solution (because both projects have the same name and are at the same level). Interestingly the live-lock only happened when invoked through the Tooling API. When invoked from the command line it just created two projects with the same name.

In 3.0 we changed it to throw an exception in that case.

Sounds good :slight_smile:

One more interesting thing: On our real project, we also had a live-lock during configuration when run on the command-line. The console would stop at “Configuring 5/5 projects”. I know this doesn’t happen with the example I provided, but I’m not sure why.