Buildscript dependency in init.gradle

Is it possibly to define the build script dependencies in init.gradle instead of the individual project build files ?

yes that’s possible. you can use the allprojects block for that:


cheers, René

Thanks. I am trying to use the jrebel plugin which is needed for all the projects. In my init.gradle , I have the below setting and it works

allprojects {
            apply plugin: 'maven-publish'
     apply plugin: 'java'
            apply plugin: 'eclipse'
     apply plugin: 'groovy'
buildscript {
 repositories {
    // This repo is optional, as since version 1.1.2, we also always deploy to Maven central.
    // Be aware that it could take a bit of time (couple of hours) before a published new
    // version will appear in the central repository.
   name: 'zt-public-snapshots',
   url: ''
     dependencies {
    classpath group: 'org.zeroturnaround', name: 'gradle-jrebel-plugin', version: '1.1.2'

and in the individual project build.gradle I have the below configuration

apply plugin: 'rebel'

Actually i dont want the individual projects to apply the rebel plugin . Looks like I can do the build script configuration for the plugin in init.gradle but still it has to be applied in the individual project.

If I try to apply jrebel ( similar to java plugin ) within init.gradle I get an error , plugin with id ‘rebel’ not found.

is this related to ?

Since Rebel plugin is not used in production , We dont want all the build.gradle in the SVN to have the rebel plugin. Thats the reason we are trying to move it out to init.gradle

Yes, that’s effectively the bug stopping this from working.