Builds failing with build script cache issue

Some of our builds have been failing with this error message:

Build file '/home/vagrant/workspace/x_sandbox_variant-filtering-ONT4N6OMGHKDXJSOHUFWEXVOMRAC5ETFUMCPITIZUYXR23TSFEWQ/Android/build.gradle' line: 324
Failed to apply plugin [id 'android-reporting']
> A problem occurred configuring project ':applibrary'.
  > Failed to deserialize script metadata extracted for build file '/home/vagrant/workspace/x_sandbox_variant-filtering-ONT4N6OMGHKDXJSOHUFWEXVOMRAC5ETFUMCPITIZUYXR23TSFEWQ/Android/applibrary/build.gradle'
    > /home/vagrant/.gradle/caches/6.3/scripts-remapped/build_dfy0pp91lymniddboh9chajdv/5t437bymftzjui9wogve7ookw/cp_proj323ce752920f946f2726f0f742fc6681/metadata/metadata.bin (No such file or directory)

I’ve narrowed it down to a specific node. Naturally, we will take it offline, but then the question is how to fix this issue? I’ve tried removing the build script cache directory prior to building, but the issue still comes up. Is it possible that the node is not doing its cache cleaning tasks introduced in 4.10?