Building JVM projects

Gradle 6.1.1

Does it include docs and sources of Scala & Groovy if they are applied to the build?

Hi @aeiplatform,

That’s a good question.

The sources are all bundled. Yes.

As for the docs, we only execute javaDoc and bundle that.

I think for groovy and scala doc, you would need to create a separate Jar (or bundle things differently) as they produce a different output (each with their own index.html).

We could maybe add something to Gradle, but I am not sure what exactly. Maybe something similar to withJavadoc for the Groovy and Scala plugin.

For now, you can quite easily setup things yourself. E.g.

val groovydocJar = tasks.register<Jar>("groovydocJar") {
val scaladocJar = tasks.register<Jar>("scaladocJar") {
tasks.assemble {
    dependsOn(groovydocJar, scaladocJar)

Do you also care about publishing the additional doc jars?