Building Gradle without scala and sbt/zinc

Hey everyone! I am trying to package Gradle 6.4.1 for debian. We have Gradle 4.4.1 previously in Debian but we need newer one as 4.4.1 is quite old now.

I have started to package them here:
The problem being, we have to build gradle without zinc and scala as we don’t have sbt in debian yet. So for 4.4.1 we had a patch 33_scala_zinc.diff which would disable it. I converted the patch to kts from groovy for newer gradle and applied it. Here’s the updated version of the patch. The patch removes the line: compileOnly("org.scala-sbt:zinc_2.12:1.3.5") from subprojects/language-scala/language-scala.gradle.kts

I get the following errors on trying to build gradle

I know that com.typesafe.zinc is old now so I tried to replace them with import org.scala-sbt.zinc but I get the errors saying " ; is expected at import org.scala-sbt.zinc "

I guess I am missing some syntax here ? Any help / pointers would be highly helpful.
The link to original errors is this.

tl.dr: Help needed in building gradle from source without sbt / zinc parts.

Here’s the link to the errors when I try to replace com.typesafe.zinc with org.scala-sbt.zinc