Building Gradle fails on windows with volumes that don't support 8.3 filenames

This test will always fail on many newer Windows machines. Windows has a default setting wherein 8.3 support is per volume. If you happen to be running on a volume that doesn’t support 8.3, you fail building Gradle. I’m looking into a way to set a precondition that will exclude the test if the current volume doesn’t have 8.3 support. You can’t guarantee a system has any volume with such support.


normalizes path which uses windows 8.3 name

Condition not satisfied:

path.exists() && path.file
|    |        |
|    false    false

	at org.gradle.api.internal.file.BaseDirFileResolverSpec.normalizes path which uses windows 8.3 name(BaseDirFileResolverSpec.groovy:150)


Mark E. Scott, Jr.