Build web project using Gradle with ClearCase (MVFS) has unusual behavior

I need some clarification on using Gradle with ClearCase with dynamic views (MVFS Filesystem). Any help would be really appreciated.

I have been trying to build my Java web application using Gradle . Everything work fine in the local drive and the build goes through as expected. However, when I switch to using the ClearCase MVFS File system (G:), the build seems to behave erratically. From the windows 10 command line, if I change directory to the G:\ drive location, and execute “gradle war”, it works fine the first time. After that, I run the same command again - the already created war file gets deleted and the classes are removed. It’s bizarre. I did the following and still the behavior is the same.

  1. disabled daemon
  2. disabled file watching

Its the same behavior with Gradle 7 and gradle 6.8.

When I delete the .gradle folder, everything works fine again.

So - Does gradle not support the NFS and MVFS File System ? What is the solution to this problem ? Any help is appreciated.

Wondering if anyone has any suggestions. We are considering moving to snapshot view for ClearCase but if we can make this work with Dynamic View - that would be great !