Build log File Rotation Policy not effective

There is a build log with RollingFileAppender setup in gradle; unfortunately there is only 1 log file – the active log – available. The size is 151 kb. Irritating after my endless build run I did today and especially after all the Problems I had today with the tool.
So important information is missing now for analysis.

Is this by design??? Hope not…Okay, you made my day… :wink:

Probably by design…log will be redirected to the daemon logging system?

log4j.appender.file.layout.ConversionPattern=%d [%7r] %6p - %30.30c - %m\n

Hello Szephan,
about which log file are you talking? Where did you took the log4j configuration from you pasted here? I can’t see where gradle configured a RollingFileAppender