Build Kotlin v1.3.30 with support of Gradle 4.4.1


Currently, we are having Gradle 4.4.1 in our Debian archives. Hence to package kotlin v1.3.30, we have to convert various kts file to groovy as kotlin DSL is not supported right now.

While we are verge on completing it, somehow the problem gets stuck while evaluating the task for kotlin-Gradle-plugin which is in turn dependent upon kotlin-compiler-embeddable.

It fails on a silly function call error, that is pasted as below:

FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.

* Where:
Build file '/home/samyak/gsoc/kotlin/kotlin-1.3.30/kotlin-1.3.30/prepare/compiler-embeddable/build.gradle' line: 31

* What went wrong:
A problem occurred evaluating project ':kotlin-compiler-embeddable'.
> No signature of method: static EmbeddableKt.compilerDummyJar() is applicable for argument types: (org.gradle.api.internal.project.DefaultProject_Decorated, org.gradle.api.tasks.bundling.Jar_Decorated, com.github.jengelman.gradle.plugins.shadow.tasks.ShadowJar_Decorated) values: [project ':kotlin-compiler-embeddable', task ':kotlin-compiler-embeddable:jar', ...]
  Possible solutions: compilerDummyJar(org.gradle.api.Project, org.gradle.jvm.tasks.Jar, kotlin.jvm.functions.Function1)

* Try:
Run with --debug option to get more log output. Run with --scan to get full insights.

The converted file exists here:

The function is defined:

Needs help in debugging!