Build fails with: "Corrupted IndexBlock 619"

Testing out Gradle (and Groovy). When I do a “gradle clean build” it fails, encouraging me to submit a report here :slight_smile:

Root cause seems to be: “Caused by: org.gradle.cache.internal.btree.CorruptedCacheException: Corrupted IndexBlock 6198 found in cache ‘/Users/stoyle/projects/repos/km-groovy-testing/.gradle/1.8/taskArtifacts/outputFileStates.bin’.”

All details, gradle build file, groovy test file and build output can be found here:

On MacOSX 10.8.5, Gradle 1.8, Groovy 2.1.7. Testing with IntelliJ 12.1.4.

All I did was to paste some code into the Greet.groovy file, and rename the Greet class to Greet1, since the Groovy compiler complained.

Workaround was to remove the .gradle folder.

Cheers, Alf

Raised GRADLE-2905. Thanks for reporting.