Build failed with explainable reason as to why

Below is a debug.log showing me where something went wrong… Seems as if it attempted to start a provider called registries but then it just stopped:

[26Dec2023 11:07:22.800] [main/INFO] []: Starting provider: Global Loot Modifiers : moreitems
[26Dec2023 11:07:23.164] [main/INFO] []: Global Loot Modifiers : moreitems finished after 363 ms
[26Dec2023 11:07:23.164] [main/INFO] []: Starting provider: Registries

I’ve run the build with stacktrace and debug but can’t seem to find any useful information about the random stop or any solutions on how to fix it… What could have caused the build to just stop with no explanation?

You have some problem at runtime of your application, not a Gradle problem, so this question is majorly off-topic here.
Maybe better ask in some Minecraft community or debug your code. :slight_smile: