Better build script optimization help in the profile report

(Joachim Nilsson) #1

Story: As a build engineer I would like to see more details in the Gradle profile report

So that I can optimize my build

The current report only gives me an overview of where to look for the problem with a slow script.

I would like to see more details like:

  • applying the plugin NNN to X subprojects took Y milliseconds.

  • downloading buildscript components took Z milliseconds This would help us understand Gradle deeper and to create great build scripts.

(Justin Ryan) #2

Ditto. The more plugins we write, the more we’re potentially slowing down the build.

In the same boat would be being able to show a dependency report for buildscript’s classpath configuration. It’s current a blackhole of what is going on in the buildscript.

(drosen) #3

Lately I’ve been working on a visualization and analytics utility for Gradle builds that I think could be helpful for some of your needs - initial version published at

This is the data generation part which produces annotation files that can be opened with ElectricInsight for very powerful build visualization, analytics and diagnostics.