Best Practices - Gradle

Are there any places on the web or on the forum, where I can find some of the best practices in gradle usage? We use gradle for all our build automation and gradle being very flexible , everyone has a different style of implementation of the same thing. But I would like to know if there is any known list gotchas or things which works better if we do in a certain way.

I would love to get some insights into that.

Some of the things that I found so far are like

  • Try to use different configurations for different functions , for example check style , pmd etc can have their configs so that they wont be mixed up in the original project’s classpath - Try to use Script plugins to avoid gigantic build gradle files which does everything - Be aware of Tasks Vs configuration time loading (alot of people just write the task without specifying when to run the task and end up running everything at configuration time) - Use gradle binary plugins for reusable functions across the organizations.

Hmm seems like there is no interest on this topic at all? hello Gradle masters… can you shed some light around this subject?