Best approach to create dependencies from non-java code (sql scripts)?

I have a bunch of sql scripts and associated xml config files in a legacy project… I want to upload these scripts to artifactory so I can declare them as dependencies (right now we have to go through an awful process to get the scripts and execute them).

So I have a directory structure that lives in a different project that I don’t have write access to. I want to use gradle to take sql and xml resources from this structure and publish them to artifactory.

What is the best approach for doing this? Should I just zip up the resources and publish them? That’s what I’m thinking… if that is approach, could someone point me to an example of publishing arbitrary zip files in a manner that I can declare a dependency on them?

Thanks phil

A simple solution is to apply the java plugin and put them in src/main/resorces.

The resultant file would be a jar rather than a zip

I could do this, but seems awkward to have to copy all the files into another directory structure just to publish…

Perhaps I could configure source sets to point at the pre-existing directory structure… I’ll look at that.

But I have a feeling there is more direct route of simply zipping up directories and publishing them…