Beginner/quirky dependencyManagement Question (get rid of warning)

Hi all! Long time listener, first time caller.

I have been using api with constraints and its been working out fine for me, except that now i have the opposite requirement. Before - I wanted to narrow down what version a project was allowed to plug into the requirement for a g/v coordinate dependency. Now, I need to make a library that is going to be consumed by 2 different applications running different spring boot versions. So - I need to say that if you’re using libA, then you need to have org.springframework.boot.spring-boot-starter-validation - any version you like.

I have accomplished this by doing a implementation platform('..... combined with an api 'org.springframework.boot.spring-boot-starter-validation'. And it works great. the consumer has downloaded all the deps not explicitly listed in its build.gradle but coming as api from the library.

What i want to do now is get rid of the warning:

Errors occurred while build effective model from $path_to_downloaded_library_pom:
  'dependencies.dependency.version' for $api_group1:$api_artifact1 version is missing. in $lib_group:$lib_arg:$lib_ver
  'dependencies.dependency.version' for $api_group2:$api_artifact2 version is missing. in $lib_group:$lib_arg:$lib_ver
  'dependencies.dependency.version' for $api_group3:$api_artifact3 version is missing. in $lib_group:$lib_arg:$lib_ver

Is this something I am supposed to be able to do? Thanks.