Avoid multiple cache folder in multi project

I’m build a gradle multi project for my common library with around 25 little libraries.
So far so good.
But in each library “build” folder I got a build/tmp/.cache/expanded/zip_…
This folder is mostly identical in all my small library and has a size of around 20Mo

This means that in total I got around 500Mo with those tmp cache folders.
In my gitlab I sahre the build folders of the assemble job for the other job, so it make a 500Mo upload and download that sometime fails because of my gitlab upload limit

I look on internet but I don’t find so much information about this folder

Is there a way to avoid having it in each project ? Or any good practice about it especially in gitlab ?

Actually I don’t using a common buildSrc in my multi project structure, but even with it, I got the same issue.