Automatically generate MD5 checksums for publish to ivy repository


I wanted to generate the checksums (SHA-1 + MD5) on my ivy publish task but I don’t find a possibility to configure it.

What I have so far:

apply plugin: 'ivy-publish'
  publishing {
 publications {
  ivyJava(IvyPublication) {
   repositories {
  ivy {
   url "http://host:1234/artifactory/libs-snapshots-local/"
   credentials {
    username 'foo'
    password 'bar'
   layout "pattern", {
    artifact "[organisation]/[module]/[revision]/[artifact]-[revision].[ext]"
    ivy "[organization]/[module]/[revision]/ivy-[revision].xml"

I’ve found a solution for gradle 1.x (but I’m currently running gradle 2.2.1):

uploadArchives {
    repositories {
          add(new org.apache.ivy.plugins.resolver.SshResolver()) {
              name = 'ivy_repo'
              user = 'orchard'
                          userPassword = 'xxxxx'
              addArtifactPattern "/uwm/ivy-repo/[organisation]/[module]/[type]s/[artifact]-[revision].[ext]"
              host = "junior"
              checksums = 'sha1, md5'

As stated: this doesn’t work for gradle 2.2.1. The Exception is

unable to resolve class org.apache.ivy.plugins.resolver.SshResolver

So, how can I do this task?

Thanks, bobbel

I’d also like this as a feature please.