Associate javadoc to local dependency

We have some libraries (plain jar files) in our Java project that are found in a local flatDir, like this:

repositories {

flatDir dirs: ‘locallibs’ }

dependencies {

compile ‘:mgmt_client’ }

We do have the javadoc for this library. Is it possible to somehow indicate to the eclipse plugin how to associate the javadoc to this library when generating the .classpath file?

It’s not super easy but it’s possible.

You try using the eclipse.classpath.xml.whenMerged hook to manipulate the classpath entries before they are written to xml. You need to dive to javadocs and possibly to the source code to see how it works.

You can also try using the eclipse.classpath.xml.withXml hook to manipulate the output xml. This might be a cheaper option.

Good luck!

Maybe it suffices to conform to the usual naming conventions (‘xyz-javadoc.jar’)?