Aspectj plugin example


(Jason Zwolak) #1

I have a working example of the aspectj plugin with gradle 2.3.


Continuing the discussion from Aspectj plugin does not work with gradle 1.5:

(Vachagan Balayan) #2

Hi Jason, thanks for aspectJ gradle plugin. I’m new to gradle and there are some things i cant really understand from your source.

As i figured this is doing only compile time weaving?

(Kai) #3

I also have trouble on setting up the Load-time weaving on gradle2+ with the gradle-aspectj plutin(, the demo provided is about compile time weaving only.
There must be a lot of people who have the same trouble, and it’s not a good idea to turn to maven due to failure of LTW.
And I test with maven, it can indeed deal with LTW with the aspectj-maven-plugin plugin with or without spring.