Artifact is not found

Should I clear some cache to resolve this problem ? I found there are .m2,.ivy2 and gradle caches which were all removed.

Artifact ‘classworlds:classworlds:1.1-alpha-2@jar’ not found

Thanks, Mohan

Most likely cause is a problem with the repository or dependency declarations in the build script (i.e. the specified dependency doesn’t exist in any of the specified repositories). ‘.m2’ and ‘.ivy2’ directories aren’t created by Gradle.

Thanks. I solved this by using a pre-built jar. So I have verified that this dependency exists in .m2 when I see this error. What is the sequence in which gradle checks the caches ? I am new.

Gradle has its own cache. It doesn’t check .m2 unless the build declares a ‘mavenLocal()’ repository. This should only be done if artifacts need to be exchanged with local Maven builds.