Are there docs on `build.gradle`? Newcomer to Java

Hi, everyone,

I’m trying to find documentation for Gradel’s build file, but I haven’t been able to find any.
I’m a software developer, but I’m new to Java (I have experience with C#, though - a similar language), and I want to develop a project using Gradle. However I was able to find a lot more information about Maven’s POM but haven’t been able find any detailed documentation on the structure/attributes of Gradle’s build file.
Does anyone know if there are any official docs on it?

If there isn’t any documentation, I’d appreciate recommendations on the best way to learn about Gradle’s build file comprehensively. My project is going to be added to an existing production environment and I’m semi-taking over for another developer, and since I’m new to Java, I want have the ability to dive as deeply as I need to. I want to learn in a “assume I don’t know anything” approach, or at least where things are stated explicity so whatever I don’t know I could look up.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

There is the documentation: Writing Build Scripts.

Although for a quick start it might be easier and more interesting to check samples. Probably a library and then moving on to the application with a library would be a good start.

Note: you can also join Slack Channel. It might be more responsive these days.

In addition to what @asodja said, I would also refer you to this:

This is the technical documentation for the Gradle DSL, showing the blocks and types. From those pages you can also find the JavaDocs for the various classes.