Apply plugin: 'signing' broke in gradle 5.1.1? and prints out non-existent task?

(Dean Hiller) #1

Upgraded to gradle 5.1.1 from 4.10. I get this error

  • What went wrong:
    Execution failed for task ‘:core:signArchives’.

Duplicate key core:jar.asc:asc: (attempted merging values Signature core:jar.asc:asc: and Signature core:jar.asc:asc:)

so in trying to pair down the issue, I run

./gradlew :core:signArchives

but that results in saying it doesn’t exist? Specifically “Task ‘signArchives’ not found in project ‘:core’.” I am so confused to how even to pair down the issue then. How does it exist in one run and not the other run? very weird.

I did read an issue that is for a different plugin

Mine plugin is the signing plugin from the gradle pages rather than the maven publish one…

I use a different sonatype plugin to upload to sonatype.


(Dean Hiller) #2

well, never mind, I guess the old maven plugin is broke and you MUST switch to maven-publish plugin and then it all works again. This kind of forced me to switch but leaving this remnant for the next person.