Apply plugin not working after upgrading gradle wrapper from 6.6 to latest

Hey all,

I have a project where plugins are defined as such. The package name is devops-conventions, which I add to the classpath in consuming projects.

gradlePlugins {
  plugins {
    someConvention {
      id = 'com.mycompany.some-convention'
      implementationClass = 'com.mycompany.SomeConvention'

I consume it in my projects like this, for testing purposes


includeBuild "C:\\path\\to\\plugin"


buildscript {
  dependencies {
    classpath "com.mycompany:devops-conventions:1.0-SNAPSHOT"

plugins {
  // list of plugins here

apply plugin: "com.mycompany.some-convention"

Using Gradle wrapper 6.6, everything works fine. When I upgrade to even wrapper 6.7 in my project, I get the error:

A problem occurred evaluating root project 'project-that-implements-devops-conventions'.
> Plugin with id 'com.mycompany.some-convention' not found.

I can’t find anything in the change logs that would indicate this changed. I even tried updating devops-conventions to use Gradle wrapper 6.7, but that didn’t alleviate the issue.

Just an update. I’m still experiencing a lot of strange issues developing my plugin as a composite build, and consuming it as a JAR. When using includeBuild everything seems to work as I expect. But when I try to publish the plugin to my company’s artifactory instance, I get a lot of plugin with id not found type of issues.