Application plugin does not copy dependencies to lib dir

This used to work in 1.0-milestone 6:

According to the documentation, by default the application plugin creates an installation in which dependencies are copied to the lib directory.

I am using the application plugin in a gradle subproject, and unfortunately this does not seem to work in 1.0-rc-3. : only dependencies defined for all subprojects (in the build.gradle from the root directory) are copied.

Here is what I had to add, so that the dependencies of the subprojects were copied to the lib dir, and so that the application classpath took them into account:

applicationDistribution.from(configurations.compile) {
    include "*.jar"
  startScripts {
    classpath = files('$APP_HOME/lib/*')

Is this due to a regression in 1.0-rc-3? Am I missing something?



Please provide a reproducible example.