App-debug.apk' already contains entry 'AndroidManifest.xml', cannot overwrite

I’m a newbie at Kotlin and android studio. I’m trying to build my own common library which want to use in my app. I started with my app and created in there a class. This worked and so far so good. But now i transferred this class to a separate module. So i can use this common part in other project’s as well.
But now i get a build error:

Task :app:packageDebug FAILED

FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.

  • What went wrong:
    Execution failed for task ‘:app:packageDebug’.

A failure occurred while executing$IncrementalSplitterRunnable
Zip file ‘C:\effe\Test\licenseApp\app\build\intermediates\apk\debug\app-debug.apk’ already contains entry ‘AndroidManifest.xml’, cannot overwrite

Which i need help with as a newbie…
I hope someone does recognise this and can help me solving this error.

Already thanks in advance and best regards,