Any plan on providing support for gradle projects site generation? (an alternative to mavne site plugin)

I’ve seen at there’s a gradle wrapper for maven site plugin. Is there any plan to provide support for generating project site/documentation in a similar way, but exploiting groovy DSL capabilities in order to avoid using exotic file formats like APT? Is there any existing alternatives? I think it could be very useful.

Hello. The code you referenced here was driven by a talk about the gradle plugin system 2 years ago at gr8conf Europe. We plan to enrich the ‘buildDashboard’ plugin to support most of the information gathered during a build. Have a look at the reporting spec at for details

Very interesting… could it be worth supporting additional contents integration? (i.e. for pages other than build reports, such as cumulative release notes, FAQ home page and so on). It could be interesting investigating minimalistic approaches for dynamic contents generation through templating, like one (thought I’ve never used it so far).

I guess people often use github pages/wiki, but I think the overlap with them would be minimal (moreover it would be available for projects not hosted at github).