Any option specify working project in command line?

Root project ‘multiproject’
±-- Project ‘:api’
±-- Project ‘:services’
| ±-- Project ‘:services:shared’
| — Project ‘:services:webservice’
— Project ‘:shared’

If I want to execute multiple tasks of the same project, I need to do something like the following:
gradle :services:shared:clean :services:shared:build :services:shared:taskN

I know that gradle can specify working directory with the option --project-dir in the command line, can it specify working project in command line to save some typing? I didn’t find any similar option.
Something like the following: ( the command should be still executed in the root working directory)
gradle --working-project ':services:shared' clean build taskN

This can be done without any extra option if all projects are nested in the same way they are organized in the file system, just go to the subproject directory, and execute the command, but wont’ work if the project has custom project directory:

include ":services:shared"
project(":services:shared").projectDir = new File("/xxx/yyy/cccc")