[ANN] Gretty version 1.1.9 is out!

Gretty version 1.1.9 is out and immediately available at github, bintray, maven central and gradle plugin portal!

Gretty is a feature-rich gradle plugin for running webapps on Jetty and Tomcat. Sources available here: https://github.com/akhikhl/gretty

What’s new in Gretty 1.1.9:

  • Now Gretty isolates it’s own logging (slf4j/logback) from the web-applications, so that web-applications can configure and use any logging system (slf4j, log4j, commons-logging, etc.) without interference with Gretty.

  • Issues with farms in parent-child project structure were fixed.

  • Jacoco support is improved: jacoco-specific JVM args are only used when jacoco.enabled=true.

Wish you all happy coding :slight_smile: Andrey Hihlovskiy.