Android project as subproject

i have this java project which has an android version.

there is a core project that produces a jar that both the java version and the android version depend on.

so i was thinking of make a gradle project that has three (3) sub-projects: the core code, the java swing app, and the android project which has it’s own ‘app’ sub-project.

the pure java projects are eclipse projects (with gradle build scripts). the android project is an intellij project. i have poor vision and it is hard to use the initellij ide, so i want to keep the other pure java projects as eclipse projects.

the top level project will be an eclipse project.
is this a sane idea?

has anyone done this?

any pointers will be appreciated.


Switching back and forth might be cumbersome over time. nevertheless this should work. You can apply the idea and the eclipse plugins to your multiproject builds and just import the projects in eclipse you want to edit there. In android studio you’d need to import the android and the library project though as your app project depends on it.