Android multi module test dependency

Let’s say I have two android modules


When I want to access sources from module-base in module-a , I just need to write this in my

dependencies {
implementation project(path: ':module-base')

But, what if I want to access test sources from module-base in test of module-a?
Here does not work approach like above

dependencies {
testImplementation project(path: ':module-base')

I found lot of advices (few years old) which says something like

    compileTestJava.dependsOn tasks.getByPath(':module-base:testClasses')
    testCompile files(project(':module-base').sourceSets.test.output.classesDir)

testCompile project(':module-base).sourceSets.test.classes

But no one from mentioned works. There is always something wrong from the compiler point of view :-/

Can you someone help me how to create Android test code dependency between two modules?

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I am trying to get past the same problem. Have you tried the jar based setup mentioned in this SO answer - . This has been working for me while using Android Gradle Plugin 2.x. Though recently the same setup has not worked for me with AGP 3.0. So I am looking for alternate solutions to this problem as well.

My workaround for that is here: