Allow plugins for build-init

Maven Archetypes provide an easy way to get users started with a certain framework. Gradle currently only has some hardcoded templates. With the whole plugin central infrastructure in place, I think it’s time to support custom build-init plugins, too.

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Hey Stefan,

this is something we definitely wanna have in the future. (Un)fortunately we are pretty swamped with stuff to work on, and we are constantly having to ignore/defer work that doesn’t reach the top of the priority list. Our main focus in the new software and configuration model, which will provide revolutionary changes to performance and usability in Gradle.

If you’re interesting in helping us out here, starting a thread on the gradle dev mailinglist is the best place. Currently we gather ideas related to the build init support in a spec at

BTW. I found this initial spec from @ajoberstar

We should resurrect this discussion on the dev list.

Yeah, I’ll chime in on this old conversation: