Allow configuration on demand to omit configuring unnecessary projects when loading models

(Attila Kelemen) #1

Configuration on demand is a nice feature of Gradle but I have noticed in the docs, that as of currently, it is not used when loading models through the Tooling API.

The NetBeans integration could greatly benefit from this because you usually don’t want to work on all the projects of a multi project build. So faster opening of the projects is something desirable. Obviously, if this is implemented, you cannot list the tasks of unconfigured project. If however, implemented as an opt-in feature (maybe by allowing it to specify this for the ‘GradleConnector’), then no backward compatibility issue should arrise.

(Szczepan Faber) #2

Hey Attila,

Thanks a lot for feedback. We will include this (and potentially ask you more questions) next time we plan a round of improvements to the tooling api.

(Attila Kelemen) #3

Thank you, I’ll be happy to answer.