Aggregating Junit5 XML report

Hello Team !
I have multi-module, multi-language repo which I am scanning using SonarScanner 4.3. On Sonar dashboard, I am not able to show unit test count of my Junit5 test.

As per my debugging, understood that I have to provide Junit XML report to sonar.junit.reportPaths= property to show the count.

I do not want to provide hard coded value to this property. So option which I am exploring is if somehow if I can aggregate all the Junit5 XML report under repository at root project level then I can just point the sonar.junit.reportPaths= property to that location.

My Java build is via Gradle and I do see following option which is for HTML report and not for XML reports.

task junit5TestReport(type: TestReport) {    
    destinationDir = file("$buildDir/reports/tests/test")    
    // Include the results from the `test` task in all subprojects
    reportOn subprojects*.test

Any way to get similar thing for XML reports?

After some reading, I deployed a simple solution of gradle copying the required files from all subproject to root project directory.

task junit5TestReport(type: Copy) {
    from subprojects*.test
    into './build/reports/test'
    include '*.xml'
test.finalizedBy junit5TestReport