Aggregate test results


Dear all,

I would like to create a single HTML page with all the test cases spread across several test classes.
What’s the best way to aggregate all the test cases in a single HTML page?
I’m using the spock framework.

Thank you.

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I’m sure many would recommend xslt to transform the xml to html.

I personally think xslt is the worst technology I’ve ever encountered, so I’d suggest using a freemarker template


Looks like there’s an ant task too


Thanks for your reply.

The default report is quite nice but I need to customize it a bit and I did not find where can I do that in Gradle. Maybe I’m just reading the wrong documentation but I did not find a way to change the default HTML report.

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I don’t think there’s hooks to customize… it looks hard-coded to me

See, and


Thanks, yes you are right. I’m going to use the xml, so I’m going to check the freemarker template.

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If you like the style of the gradle test report, it should be simple enough to reverse engineer a freemarker template from the html

Perhaps you could come up with a solution where you can group the tests by custom logic. Eg first letter of test name, rather than the default of grouping by package name