Adobe CQ build through Gradle

Is it possible to build Adobe CQ build with Gradle - Maven has one plugin which was offically announced in Adobe site to build CQ from Maven : Do we have something for Gradle to deal with Adobe CQ stuff?

There’s no official tooling available.

I know of at least two companies who are using Gradle to build for CQ. They built their own custom support based on the Gradle OSGi plugin. Unfortunately I can’t share their names due to NDA concerns.

Hi Luke, Thanks for your prompt response. Please could you give an idea on how to use Gradle for CQ build - If you could please provide an example I would be really grateful - Thanks in advance

Hi Veer,

This is not a simple thing. If you want to go down this route you will need pretty strong Gradle and OSGi skills.

If you aren’t willing to make a pretty serious time and development investment here, Gradle might not be the best choice for working with Adobe CQ.

Thanks again Luke.

Just wondering - Is it possible to use (Maven plugin for Adobe CQ build) with Gradle as we can integrate mavan with Gradle ?

Please can someone spare sometime and help me - Thanks in advance

Hi Veer,

The only way you can integrate with Maven is to call it as a process. There’s no tight integration for driving Maven builds via Gradle.