Adding Spring for Android in Android studio failing

I am adding dependency as mentioned in the website,

dependencies {

compile ‘’ }

but on sync, gradle cannot find it. What is going wrong?

Add a repositories section pointing to a repository that contains this artifact (likely jcenter() or mavenCentral() will suffice).

I added the repositories, Still gradle cannot find it.

Perhaps you can tell us what is the actual error and show us your build.gradle. Of course I expect that you have consulted the documentation for new Android build system at

Error is as I mentioned.

Error:Failed to find:
<a href="">Open in Project Structure dialog</a><br><a href="openFile">Open File</a>


I suspect, spring for android is missing from the repository or not present. But official documentation says it is present.

Most likely you are looking for ‘’ artifact. You can point it to authors of the guide that their information is misleading.

Thanks for helping put, yeah core library I can fetch, but there are other dependency like rest-template. I will try to get this to their notice.

UPDATE: Author has updated the link. Now, Spring for Android + gradle works.