Adding groovy sub-project to Java projects so that it pulls in dependent jar files

I have a set of Java projects such as: -client -server -common

I have configure settings.gradle as

include “common”, “client”, “server”

I then pull in common dependency by adding: dependencies {

compile project(’:common’) … } in client and server projects. This all work perfectly.

Now, I am adding a groovy project (for mostly testing) and I would like it to depend on common and client projects so that it pulls in necessary jar files. I modified the settings.gradle and added groovy (qa-automation) project

include “common”, “client”, “server”, “qa-automation”

I then added

dependencies {

compile project(’:common’)

compile project(’:client’) to build.gradle for my groovy project. However, it’s not pulling in dependencies and I am getting class not found errors.

Can someone help me for adding dependency for Java sub-project so that my groovy project (which is mostly tests) can import Java classes.


This should work fine. Which version of Gradle are you using? Also, not sure if that is the exact dependencies closure you’re using, but you’re missing the groovy definition: Eg.

dependencies {
   groovy localGroovy()
   compile project(":common"),